"be softer with you. 
you are a

breathing thing. 
a memory to someone. 
a home to a life."

Nayyirah Waheed


My name is Katrina Grabner (she/her)


Art Therapist - Counsellor - Group Facilitator

As someone on their own journey of healing and growth, I honour your courage and the path that has brought you here.


I practice from a collaborative, attachment based, trauma aware, somatically informed, arts centred, anti-oppressive framework.




“The art process offers one of the few ways we human beings have found to utilize and to synthesize all or ourselves-

body, mind and spirit.”

Judith Rubin,

Art Therapist, Author

upcoming groups

This group is now full, but you can still join the waitlist for the next group in the fall. Stay tuned for Arise workshops this summer. 
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Art Therapy Groups

Online Groups are an accessible way to receive ongoing affordable support. All groups are currently being offered online. No art making experience is required. Check frequently for new group postings. 

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Workshop Facilitation

I offer a number of workshops that have been used in

non-profit and workplace settings. 

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Individual Online

I currently offer a very limited number of individual sessions  on Mondays at $130 an hour. This is an option if you are attending one of my groups and would like some extra support. If needed ask about sliding scale options. If interested send me an e-mail at



Confident Woman

Katrina did an amazing workshop about loss and art expression.  The participants expressed their gratefulness to Katrina's sense of compassion, kindness and the gentleness that she showed during the exercises.


-Carmen  Contreras, Coordinator at Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House

Portrait of Young Man

The session about our safe spaces, and doing the visualization excercise beforehand was really moving.

-group participant feedback

Pregnant Woman

Your group was wonderful and created a sense of belonging for me, thank you!

-group participant feedback

Senior Trans Person

Katrina, the most helpful thing I remember about this group is your warmth, positive attitude, calmness and welcoming presence. You graciously accepted people's comments, their process and anything that they added to the mix.

-group participant feedback